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Bulk Beef Michigan Grass Fed

Why Buy in Bulk?

The Full Story

If this is your first time buying beef in bulk we know that it can be intimidating. We want to demystify this process for you the best that we can.  We also offer individual cuts if you would like to try our products before committing. We are at the Marquette Farmer's Market every Saturday in the Summer and select Wednesday Evenings. Please sign up for our email list to be the first ones in the know. When you sign up for our email list there is a introductory series that you will receive for FREE that will answer a lot of questions. 

These are my top reasons for keeping my freezer full. 

  1. Buying in bulk now allows you to lock in a price for your year's supply of beef.

  2. Knowing that you have a freezer full of healthy nutritious beef for your family dinners can be a relief and a time saver.

  3. We already talked about the great benefits of grass fed beef vs corn fed

  4. Bulk buying allows us to extend money saving discounts to our wonderful customers. 

  5. You can get all your favorite cuts of beef at the burger price.

Please check out these easy Charts to help you pick your package. 

Bulk Grass Fed Beef Freezer Space Buried Stone Farms
Beef Calculator Buried Stone Farms Bulk Beef

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