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How it Works

We have three main options to get fresh Grass fed beef to your freezer.

1. Build a custom box 

2. Let us build a box for you with our favorites that comes automatically every month. 

3. Pre order bulk meat purchases to be shipped fresh when processed. 

Choose Your Plan

Choose from one of our listed plans or contact us if you have custom needs. 

Get Monthly Deliveries

Try to wait patiently for your monthly box of goodness

Enjoy Delicious Beef

Delight in the knowledge that you have a freezer full of sustainable healthy beef. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Weekly Meat

    Every week
    Great for a Weekly Meal Planning
    • 2 lbs of Grass Fed Burger
    • 2 Steaks (Cuts Rotate)
    • 3 pounds of Chicken
    • 1 pound of bacon
    • Weekly Recipe
  • Farm to Table

    Every month
    Perfect for 2 people or a small family
    • 10 lbs of Grass fed Ground Beef
    • 4 Steaks (Cuts Rotate)
    • 10 pounds of Chicken Breasts
    • 1 Speciality Item
  • The Big Beef

    Every month
    The True Meat Lover's Best Friend
    • 10 lbs of Grass Fed Beef
    • 8 Steaks (Cuts Rotate)
    • 1 Specialty Roasts of the Month
    • 1 lb of Bacon
    • 4 lbs of Beef Sticks

Shipping Will be Invoiced Separately for all Plans 

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