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Our Story

Baby Calf Buried Stone Farms Grass Fed Beef

Buried Stone Farms

Farming has always been a dream in our hearts. Starting out as a young broke couple we were content to raise a few chickens and a couple of pigs. After we started having our kiddos we were horrified to learn about the mistreatment of animals prior to us seeing them in grocery stores. We decided that we could do better. 


We started growing our own beef based on what we would want as a consumer. A healthy product without hormones and antibiotics that we would be comfortable feeding to our own children. We also wanted to do the best that we could for our animals. As we kept doing it more and more people asked questions and asked where they could find beef like ours. 


In late 2022 we decided to start marketing our beef directly to the consumer in a way that anyone who wanted to could get healthy, ethically sourced beef for their families. The majority of the beef offered is from our own farm. But, If not you can be comfortable in the knowledge that it comes from our local community farms that follows our strict ethical standards and grass fed protocols. 

In 2023 we started to be able to offer other meats to our customers. Our Poultry, Lamb, and Pork are all from Small family farms in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. We Hope to be able to offer at least Pork and Lamb From our Farm starting in 2025.

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