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Quarter Cow: Expect to receive approx 150 lbs of beef for your freezer. You will receive a mix of cuts from the forelimb and hind of the animal. While you will still receive a good variety of cuts and ground beef there will be some selections that will be unavailable with this option.

Please select from the drop down menu if you would like to receive a cut list prior to processing.


* PLEASE NOTE this is only the deposit for your beef purchase, after the animal is processed you will be contacted for the remainder of balance prior to shipping. 

Total cost is $14.28 per pound picked up and $18.57 per pound shipped. This cost includes processing and packaging and is the cost per pound in your freezer.

*Estimate $18.57 x 150lbs = $2799.00* total cost.

*Estimate $14.28 x 150lbs = $2142.00* total cost.

Grass Fed Wagyu- 1/4 Cow Deposit

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