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Buried Stone Farms LLC Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef to Your Door

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Why Zero Waste

Why Buried Stone Farms?

Our Family's mission is to produce and sell high-quality grass-fed beef directly to the consumer. We strive to be a business that is honest, respects the land, and prioritizes the humane treatment of animals.


Our number one goal is to provide Products direct to the consumer through online sales and Local Markets. If unable to supply our own beef we plan on supporting local farmers that have our same farming values, by purchasing and reselling their beef.


Our values include grazing our land with minimal impact to wild animals and the environment with sustainable grazing practices. We also believe in treating our animals with respect, which includes free access to grazing land, companionship with other livestock, clean living spaces, and appropriate veterinary care without unnecessary hormones or antibiotics.

How to Purchase

At this time the easiest way to order our delicious Grass Fed Beef is to go to our shop and place a deposit or purchase by the Cut. Just Select how much and how you would like to receive your purchase.

Starting in May you can find us every Saturday at the Marquette MI Farmer's Market as well. 

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